Thursday, February 23, 2012

Twitter Indecency (CJontrial)

One thing people find attracting about the Social Media via the internet is the fact that one can live a totally different life. He can have a different name, personality, physique and even altered sense of decency. A few days ago, I read a blog about Atty. Judd Roy of Chief Justice Corona’s defence team. The Blog ‘Impeachment Watch’ divulged that Atty. Roy thru his twitter account said quite a mouthful of insults both against the prosecutors and several senator-judges. The same account even insinuated against the mental capacity of President Aquino.

The blog mentioned that “Twitter does funny things to people. Makes them think that they can say the stupidest things online without any repercussions. Judd, the epitome of tact and respectful behavior, has turned into a sort of Jeckyll and Hyde on Twitter. Do you think Senator-Judge Sergio OsmeƱa III likes being called a “fucker” on Twitter, Judd? Or that Drilon would be flattered to be called a garoupa? Or that the Banal brothers really think they are assholes? Oh..I see! You thought it was a protected account–with more than 200 followers!! Well, as you would say, f–k you asshole!

Really, the idea of creating a new personality that is protected by the anonymity guaranteed by the cyberspace can bring out the best and the worst of us. The reputable Atty. Judd Roy, if the allegations are true is a case in point.

Here are some of his alleged tweets

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