Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bar Exam Results!

Shrieking phone calls have definitely been made. Harried texts of 'Congratulations!' or 'Sorry' would have already circulated among the legal folks and their kin.

Once again, the bar exam results is upon us.

And as in yesteryears, the announcement has been welcomed with overwhelming exuberance for the passers, and harrowing anguish for future retakers. Truly, it gives us pause to realize that, every year, like clockwork, the heartbreaks always outnumber the winners 3:1. At least.

To all the passers, I give them my jealous admiration. What they've done is no mean feat.

That split-second moment of seeing your name in the roll of new lawyers is the glorious capstone of years of life-threatening study: the nightly palpitations preparing for orals, the drums of coffee directly IV'd to comatose brains, the thoughts of quitting law school and taking up culinary arts and then lurking at the parking lot with new Wolfgang Puck knives and waiting for the prof to come around. . .well, all that's a distant memory now.

Making the bar, passing the most difficult and the most unpredictable pieces of paper in all of literature, is the sweetest form of justice!

Congratulations once again! You guys are part of history -- the first passers of the recently reformed bar examinations!

Speaking of the new bar format, let me share a few thoughts.

As a bar ops regular, I have always been intrigued by the changes that were made in the exams -- especially as it relates to the topnotchers.

Lest I be holed in the arena of sour-graping, let me pay my utmost respect and admiration to this year's stellar performers. Without any doubt, they rock! I am in awe of their brilliance and have never doubted their efforts in preparing for the exams.

But I can't help but asked: In light of the changes in bar exams, how would future bar topnotchers compare to those of the past?

As we know, topping the bar means a lifetime of accolades. He/She shall join the ranks of great men & women and forever be enshrined in the annals of Wikipedia. They will join the list of names like Marcos, Diokno, Salonga and Munoz-Palma.

But because the type of test inevitably determines its topnotchers, I can't help but wonder: Are we discovering a different breed of brilliance -- different from those who hurdled the essay questions of the past?

I guess the Psychology undergrad in me is interested to see, if the reformed bar will chug out markedly different kind of topnotchers, from those of the past.

Moreover, how would the future topnotchers of the new bar format fare in the practice of the profession, a world where MCQ's don't rule the day? Again, this is just a question I'm throwing out there and I realize it's too early to even ask -- when the celebrations haven't even died down.

It remains to be seen.

But as for me, the next months would only be about 3 things: REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW!

Diana Lutgarda P. Bonilla, Entry #11

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