Thursday, February 2, 2012

Applied Gadgetry Series: iPod Touch

For the last entry of my Applied Gadgetry Series, I will be talking about my faithful iPod Touch 2nd Gen (late 2008), which I love for two reasons:

First, it has been my trusted mp3 player, planner, Bible, dictionary (English, Spanish, Legal), and more, for the duration of my almost four years in law school. It might have something to do with the fact that I like keeping my things in perfect condition, but the magic of the iPod is really in its durability. My brother's 4th Gen iPod Classic from 2004 still works, so does my 1st Gen iPod nano from 2005!

Other than the hardware and battery lasting forever, the second thing I love about the iPod Touch is the availability of updates for software, including the latest iOS, and the almost unlimited applications from iTunes. It can do almost everything that the iPad can do but better because it's light and I can use it while running, especially with the Nike+ app.

My best app purchase recently is LawJuan, which contains almost all laws and rules in the Philippines! This means less law books and photocopies to carry and spend for, which is great for my back and the environment. Curiously, the late Steve Jobs was very proud that the iPod Touch is made of "arsenic-free glass, Brominated flame retardant-free, mercury-free, PVC-free, and a highly recyclable stainless steel enclosure," which I suppose means saving the planet.

What's annoying about the iPod though is how Apple keeps making new versions of it every year, which irks me since getting a new one isn't cheap but the latest 2011/2012 has Bluetooth technology, video and photo recording at HD, FaceTime, and it comes in white.

Verdict: Almost a life necessity.

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Mary Rhauline Lambino, Entry No. 7

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