Thursday, February 9, 2012

hAPPiness # 1: LawJuan

Last week, I ended my short-lived Applied Gadgetry Series, for the plain reason that I ran out of gadgets to talk about. However, a friend told me that he's going to miss the 'series' (such a great friend!) so I decided to do another on useful mobile applications.

So let me start with LawJuan, which I also mentioned in my last entry, which is database of over 15,000 Philippine laws, organized into Acts, Commonwealth Acts, Mga Batas Pambansa, Presidential Decrees, Executive Orders, and Republic Acts. The best part about it is that it is accessible even without internet access for only $9.99 . . . and the creator updates the database! There's also a free Constitution and Rules of Court app by the same creator.

The problem though is that it's only available for Apple's iPad or iPod touch. I have it installed in my iPod touch, which is absolutely convenient. Yesterday, one of my best friends in Law School was asked by her research supervisor to look into Rep. Act No. 9054 and answer some questions within one hour, while we were on our way to Makati. Well, pretty obvious how the story goes. Bless you LawJuan!

It also has a basic search engine that allows you to search either the entire database or within the classifications. So when the law student encounters an unfamiliar provision, it's so easy to type it in.

LawJuan also has other features such as bookmarking the user's favorite laws, notes, and highlights, and also folders to organize them. I have not maximized these yet because my study style requires the old school pen and paper. Or maybe having it in an iPad would be more conducive to the other features. So far, I've treated the application like a codal. This means that LawJuan ought to create a version that would be compatible to Android. Because I want the new Galaxy Note!

Mary Rhauline Lambino, Entry No. 8

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