Thursday, February 16, 2012

HITMAN: Hit or Miss?

I went to the theatres a couple of months ago in a major mall and noticed a life-sized cardboard cut out of an action movie. The quality of such was very good that’s why I thought it was a new Hollywood film. However, as I looked closer, I was surprised to see that the star of the film is Cesar Montano. In fact, the movie is a locally-produced film entitled “Hitman”.
It was very interesting because it was the first time I saw a Filipino movie with that kind of “advertisement” and not the usual movie poster type.  It was at par with those of Hollywood movies. The next question is, of course, if the movie will live up to the expectations brought about by its very nice cardboard cut-out.  Is this movie the start of a new breed of action films in the country? The usual struggle of Filipino movies is that they have less budget compared to their Hollywood counterparts. The reason is basic. Applying the law of supply and demand, since the target market of Hollywood films is significantly larger, the demand for it is significantly larger as well. With a larger demand, the producers are willing to spend more.
Press and media releases about the movie tell us that this movie may spark the love of Filipinos in local action movies. Based on my internet search, Cesar Montano plays a hitman who eventually falls in love with his target. It looks like the story is very typical of Filipino action movies. However, we cannot really know that for sure until the movie actually comes out. But I hope it will offer something different that will capture Filipinos’ interest. I guess I will just have to wait and see if Hitman will be a hit or a miss.
Adrian Francis S. Bustos, Entry # 9

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