Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Stop Shop of Events in the Philippines

Tired of looking for events from different websites, newspapers, and magazines? If you want an easily accessible comprehensive, up to date, and reliable source of information for schedules of events and activities you are interested in, and want to save time searching on the internet, magazines, and newspapers, Memovents is just right for you! It is a website that contains a comprehensive list of all major events and activities in the Philippines. It can serve as a one stop source of information on all of their schedule and places where they will happen or can be watched.  

Memovents does comprehensive searches in the internet, magazines, and newspapers. It gets information also from contacts like organizers of such events. Most of all, it gives everyone a chance to submit a major event which after verification will be posted on the site. It also features a section wherein any school, organization or firm may have their reunions and homecomings posted on the website. It also has a section wherein all movies which are currently shown in cinemas are posted. Aside from its functional benefit, it also offers emotional benefit. The emotional appeal of Memovents to its target market is that there is a feeling of security that no event is being missed out. Users will always be in the know!

The website has four categories: “Entertainment”, “Sports”, “Business”, and “Society”. It also has two other sections namely “Reunions and Homecomings” and “Now Showing”. Now that smartphones and  tablets are more common, it will be easier for the users to get information from the site anywhere, anytime. With all these features and functionality, Memovents aims to live up with its slogan “Your memo to the upcoming events”.     

Adrian Francis S. Bustos, Entry #10 

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