Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blackberry Smartphones

The evolution of our cellular phones is already in a parabolic state. Models get outdated every month and the services that these cellphones provide are already lightyears away from the ancient pre-GSM cellular phones services (does anyone even remember those?). One of these new cellphones is the Blackberry Smartphone. Blackberry was developed by Research in Motion, Co. Ltd. and one of the top phones used in the United States. Blackberry smartphones enables its user  to surf the internet, send and receive emails, create and view documents and presentations, listen to music, and organize files and tasks in his cellular phone. These smartphones were handy and were equipped to connect to any computers for easy synchronization. They were designed with  the idea  of  multi-tasking, which is the primary reason of its popularity. Blackberry phones have some special features that lets it connect with other Blackberry smartphones. Features like the Blackberry Messenger or BBM and Blackberry Enterprise were all designed for business as well as for personal purposes. 

The Blackberry smartphones come in various models and styles - from BBCurve to BBBold to BBStorm to BBTorch. All of these models are user-friendly and have the basic functions and features popularized by Blackberry. There are also other functions that were offered by the Blackberry Smartphone, like the Blackberry Maps, and GPS Tracker that helps the user in navigation and location-finding. Additional applications can also be downloaded to improve the device and to suit the user's needs. 

How far has the cellphone world gone in a span of a decade, this student still remembers (and longs for) the time when having a Nokia meant you were already set. Now, it seems Nokia is nothing more than “minimum compliance”.

 Ernesto Mario S. Mascenon Jr.

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