Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I thought that those messages or sites asking you to vote for Palawan to be part of the Seven Wonders of the World is either a marketing stint or just plain spam. That was until everyone (and i’m not exaggerating when I say ‘everyone’) from the Malacanang to my dad kept on urging us to go to this site and click on the thing as many times as humanly possible. All that hullaballoo died down for a while and other “news” cropped up like Hayden Kho, the decision that allowed plaigarism, Piolo Pascual, Rhian Ramos, Sendong, the impeachment and Iza Calzado moving to ABSCBN.
Recently, I found out that the Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan is now officially part of the seven new wonders of nature. This excited the people from the Department of Tourism (who will now probably make posters stating: Spelunking: More Fun in the Philippines)
No offense to the President of the Philippines however, he had this to say about our win: 

"We must also remember that the tourists we can potentially attract will redound to thousands of employment opportunities; our success here will ultimately breed success for Filipinos everywhere"
I highly doubt that this thing that was done over the internet will really rake in a lot of tourists. I do believe through that it will raise the image of the Philippines a notch or two. Now, this “win” is due to the fact that this was posted everywhere and I found myself clicking away at the computer each time I got and urging other people to do so even if I really had no idea what it was really for, if it was a contest, or how much my click costs. Could this be considered cheating? I dont really know, but the group think that this would improve the image of the Philippines for potential alien clients can rationalize the millions of mindless clickers like myself.
By Trisha Isabelle F. Fernandez Entry #11

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