Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cyber Arrests?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about SB 2796 which is the new bill passed by the Senate talking about recognizing cybercrimes. SB 2796 also mandates the creation of an Office of Cybercrime under the Department of Justice. Similarly, under the Office of the President, a National Cybersecurity Coordinating Council is to be created to execute a national cybersecurity plan.
All this talk of cyberspace is making me feel technologically deficient. What exactly will the Office of Cybercrime do? Similarly, what is a national cybersecurity plan?  No offense to the drafters of the law but despite my pronouncements in my last blog that the law should be liberal, it is of my opinion that these offices that will be created by virtue of the same law should be defined up to the last letter. This will entail a lot of research on the part of the legislators who I presume are not that technologically savvy if not technologically clueless (no offense). But I can’t picture Sen. Enrile logging on to his twitter account or hooking up with Lola Techie over the cyberzone anytime soon.
Creating new offices would entail money. A lot of money. Tax payer’s money. And as with all the projects, this will also include a lot of investment of not only the equipment but proficient or competent people who can really create a proper cyber plan for the Philippines. New blood from the IT Sector or those already proficient with technological stuff SHOULD be the ones running the show in these offices and not people appointed by sheer length of time of service or just interest in the subject matter.
By Trisha Isabelle F. Fernandez Entry #10

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