Thursday, February 16, 2012

How do I Love Thee

It's the time of the year again when the streets get so congested with traffic, restaurants get overbooked with guests, and flower shops make what comprises most of their annual income. No, I am not referring to  All Saints' Day-arguably the other time when flower shops get the spotlight. It's V-Day! or for some who have not found their kryptonites (yes, that inexplicable thing that causes you to succumb to anything but rationality), the Singles' Awareness Day.

Conventional V-Day dates would most probably consist of dinner at one of the more posh restaurants, flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, all the "sweet" things that your budget can afford.  But for those who know better than to join the fad, a date the day before of the day after would be a choice, better yet don't date at all. (My economist boyfriend would call me an economic grinch for this, good thing he is not fond of checking my blogs.)

Then I find this video of Dove entitled "Real Men Surprise their Dates", a video of a group of men singing to their dates to the tune of Backstreet Boy's "I want it that way".  This public profession of live is really the "in" thing today and the advertisers of Dove have rightly taken advantage of the benefits of the Internet.  After minutes of having been posted, the video got hundreds of likes, comments and shares.  And there it is again, ICT working its way to the bottom of our hypothalamus. Well, if its working that way, I am not objecting.

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