Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back at One

Last year, the Quezon City Government started what they call a quick one-stop business permit application. The idea is to shorten all applications for license and permits to just 30 minutes to an hour. They did this by maximizing the use of IT and computers.

Before, one had to sign and fill-up so many forms first before he or she could proceed with step 1. Fill up the forms, give it over to the person at the counter. Then wait for weeks, because the counter person would then be distributing the forms to the health office, fire department, etc.

Now, what they do is to ask people to fill up just one form, input the data into the system, a few minutes thereafter and after making payment, you can already bring home your Mayor’s permit with its business plate.

Quite apparently, the scheme proved to be successful.


See what really happens is this: the only ones who have the computer data are those people in the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO). (The fire department, none. The Health Office, none.) That after they give you the permit, what happens is that, instead of the counter person doing the legwork for you, you then will be the one to go after all the people from the other departments. Worse, since only the BPLO has access to the data, the payments you have made won’t even be recognized by the other departments, so you end up paying twice for fire inspection fees, sanitary fees, and other fees you-know-not-what-for.

Well, all these added together create more hassle and make it as time consuming as before, if not worse. Guess, it is really not about the system we use, but how we use such system – automated or not.


And, oh, at the beginning of each year you still have your business taxes and renewals of permits to attend to.

(Friendly Reminder: today is the deadline of payment for renewal of business permits and business taxes. This is at least true for those within the jurisdiction of the Quezon City Government.)

by Vann dela Cruz #9

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