Thursday, January 6, 2011

In - Flight Fantasies

Pardon me, ladies, but I must let off some steam.

The Department of Labor and Employment recently decided that the mandatory retirement age for PAL flight attendants should be pegged at 60 years old.

I recently went home to my home province, Cebu, last Christmas vacation. Unfortunately for me, the ground crew member on duty at the check in counter was grumpy, which completely destroyed my happy mood a few hours back. She was in her late forties or early fifties, I think, and she vented her pent - up menopausal anger on me by treating me shabbily. Thank God I was holding my daughter at that time or I would have done and said something ungentlemanly.

And then this decision came out. I don't wanna imagine my usual sexy flight attendants as grumpy as that pesky ground crew member, and I also shudder at the thought of wrinkled and/or fat women wearing one of the most sacred and beautiful attires ever made by man for woman, the flight attendant suit. I would also be very embarrassed to be assisted with my carry on luggage by someone older than my own mother (I don't even let my mother carry her handbag whenever we're together).

Cebu Pacific completely revolutionized in - flight entertainment by introducing flight attendants dancing to Lady Gaga.

Imagine PAL bringing the revolution to the next level by also introducing flight attendants who also dance --- ballroom. :D

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