Monday, January 17, 2011

Thoughts on "Nintendo: A Sad Story"

I remember wanting a Game Boy Mini 50th Anniversary Edition really badly at some point during my sophomore year in law school. I found that I spent a lot of my time standing in line, or stuck in traffic, and staring blankly into space during particularly long commutes or during particularly long hearings when I used to work at the Student Disciplinary Tribunal. I thought a Game Boy would make the waiting time more bearable. It reached a point I dreamed about it, obsessively talked about it with my then-boyfriend and even penciled the date when I'd finally buy it, like preferably after acing a really tough exam. Plus I really missed playing Pokemon. Anyway, I ended up not getting it. To cut the long story short -- I realized that my time was better spent studying and I was a bit too old for my Pikachu obsession.

So anyway, here is a video I found online the other day directed by Graham Young -- not the serial killer also known as the "Teacup Poisoner", obvs -- and it was so disturbing I decided to share it with the class. Everyone has their own interpretation, of course, and I personally thought it depicted how new management is killing Nintendo's legendary game producer's Shigeru Miyamoto vision for the company. Or in the words of cityburnsbright:

I think the video's intent is to show what happened to Nintendo after Miyamoto left. When Miyamoto was in charge, Nintendo was a great company. Aside from being extremely creative, Miyamoto was very passionate about what he did; he made games because it was what he loved to do. After he left, the emphasis was put on power. Nintendo lost its passion for gaming and gained a passion for money. Ever since, recognizable characters like Mario have been distorted and repurposed for marketability. Sad.
Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this video.

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