Thursday, January 20, 2011

its that time of the year again

I'm a hopeless romantic, I admit. But although my heart can love unconditionally, my brain tends to malfunction whenever the topic breaches its conscious state. Now, after 2 years of going strong, I've run out of ideas.

Thank God for the internet.

There are some sites giving advice on how to spend Valentine's day differently. Some have even personal testimonials, while others even post a projected spending amount for all kinds of dates. Some range from funny ( watching a movie in an old cinema), cute ( taking care of stray cats and dogs in an animal shelter ), weird (distributing food to beggars together), cheap ( HHWW while eating fishballs), to expensive ( eating out in a fancy restaurant ). Admittedly, there are some ideas which I couldn't have possibly thought of yet I found them sweet enough to make the day memorable.

It's a good thing that the Internet can also be used as a venue for healthy exchange of ideas. I just bought two concert tickets and I'm expecting another memorable valentine's day worth remembering till we grow old.

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