Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Furry Toys Tours

The December 2010 issue of Time Magazine featured Furry Toys Tours*, a company in Paris which gives your playthings a tour of Paris. For about $140, they will escort your toy of choice – it may be a stuffed animal or an action figure – around the City of Light, snap photos of it at the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and other landmarks, and return it to you with a digital photo album, among others. For an extra $70 or so, your toy can take one of the four extension tours, exploring chic Paris or the parts of the city featured in The Da Vinci Code.

The sale is concluded online by purchasing your choice of tour on the ticket desk of Furry Toys Tours’ website; the procedure is similar to the other online shopping sites. You then ship your toy, they take it around Paris and then they ship it back to you. The contract is consummated across borders without any of the parties ever meeting face to face. The internet has indeed provided plenty of opportunities for the enterprising minds! However, our laws have not been very responsive to address the problems that may arise from such transactions. A simple proof of this is the curriculum at this lawschool. Until now, private international law is only 2 units when it should be more, since a lot of the transactions that affect us are becoming increasingly global, which are brought about by the rapid technological advances.

Katrina May Sy, 8th Blog Entry

*If you want to avail of their services, visit

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