Thursday, January 6, 2011



Do you sometimes find yourself itching to delete or block some friends or followers for oversharing online? Or, do you sometimes find yourself shocked or at least irked by the type of photos or videos uploaded on social networking sites?

An infamous statement says that "When you have nothing to say, say it on Twitter." Sure, but it definitely does NOT mean that we have to post or upload EVERYTHING on our networking accounts. 

In this age of cyberspace, it seems that online oversharing cannot be helped. However, it is not unwise to think twice before we share anything on the web, especially on social networking sites which do not actually care much about security and privacy. Of course we could simply change our name, make aliases, and the like. We could even choose who to friend, and choose to unfriend some.

But more and more employers are now taking advantage of what Internet offers as an aid in accepting or rejecting applications. In fact, some American employers are now asking their job applicants to log on to their Facebook accounts during the interview. On a different note, legislators may see this as an opportunity to please their constituents as a German bill is already on the pose to solve the problem. But then again, a very few countries would tread the same path as few are as equally daunting as Hitler's home.

So before you post or upload anything online, it would not hurt to think and rethink. Your friends might get a good laugh and get amused, but your employer or potential employers might think otherwise.

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- Phebean Belle A. Ramos, entry #7 

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