Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bad Apple In the Bunch

China has always been known to have a large amount of counterfeit products produced within their borders. From gadgets, to clothing, to entertainment, and designer bags. A new high has been reached in Kunming, China however which now has fake Apple stores. That’s right, the whole store has been replicated by the counterfeiters, from the staff uniform, logos, store design, etc. As is expected, there are some tell-tale signs that the store is indeed fake. The staff is untrained, some not even being able to properly assist you with gadgets, the paint job is bad, and the construction job is mediocre. Still, for the unwary, he may be thinking he got a good deal off the latest Apple gadget and instead gets a knockoff which breaks after a few weeks.

The government in China seems powerless to stop the rise of counterfeit products and more often than not the public are allowed free will to imitate anything without any real fear of prosecution. The population is just that large and China is just too big. It is also difficult for Apple to prosecute these makers without much government help, since for every one they take down, two more take its place. The public, majority of which are low to middle class owners support the piracy, as it would be the only way many of them could afford such products. Therefore a word of warning to those travelling to China, be careful what you buy, that deal which seems to be too good to be true might just be.

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