Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Middling, middle-range, mediocre

When buying things, it's difficult to balance quality and budget. price is associated with quality therefore I am scared of buying the cheapest choice in a spectrum, however the most expensive item does not appeal to me either especially if the reason for the price difference is just the prestige of the brand. My choice is usually the middle-range product with a brand that offers good quality at a reasonable price.

Even now, as i gather information regarding what laptop to buy, i am looking for the middle-line features. 

top of the line would have: superior and even switchable graphics for professionals who do video editing and such or for gamers and the switching enables the laptop to save battery life when not used in graphic intense activities; the latest multi-core processors to enable multi-tasking yet avoid over-heating; the fastest speed processing capabilities; Blu-ray optical drive; maybe even a plasma screen. 

bottom line laptops would have: older solo processors that are slower; there wouldn't be much hard-disc space and the RAM would be lower too; there wouldn't be much features, since optical drives, wi-fi capabilities, etc. are all optional; might be bulky and heavy but generally the bottom line laptops also deliver for the purpose they're made for, i.e. if the user would use it for typing documents and surfing the internet lightly.

The basics that i think a computer should have given how i use it include wi-fi capability, an optical drive that can burn cds or dvds, an upgradable motherboard with at least 2 slots for RAM sticks, features even Alex has (the laptop i'm using now).

I'm not a video-editor or gamer, i don't "need" superior graphics i.e. video card(s), integrated graphics, graphics processor, etc. that i wouldn't be able to maximize the use of anyway.

However, the fad nowadays is that computer monitors are tv-enabled (some even 3D tv enabled, high definition, etc.). since i do watch dvds on alex, graphics is still a factor.

My use of the computer revolves mostly only around  microsoft word, microsoft excel, and browsing the internet (checking my mail, googling, blogging for ICT hehe). i don't think i'd need an octa-core platform. since i multi-task though, i have to read more about my options: dual core versus quad core.

Widely used older versions of windows still run on the old 32 bit processors which can read at most 4 gigabytes of data, that's why Alex's 2 gig RAM (upgraded last year) is still great, however, more recent versions of windows run on the 64-bit processors already, hence... i'll have to read more about it too.

Just like middle ranged laptops though that serve their purpose, i find myself feeling mediocre, yearning to have more advanced capabilities that top of the line models do. even if people would think the way i do in purchasing products (i.e. preferring the middle-range), it doesn't make me feel better about being run of the mill. i really love alex, however, she is a laptop who have proven her worth, whereas i am human finding myself unexceptional, ordinary and having had nothing proven yet.

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