Thursday, August 4, 2011

Food For Thought

In a world where everything healthy is the craze, sometimes all the pressure to live healthy can feel quite suffocating. On YouTube, there exists a channel known as EpicMealTime where the crew break the healthy trend and concoct the unhealthiest most delicious looking food creations to be devoured by themselves or their friends for all the world to see. Their dishes include a healthy dosage of bacon and alcohol, as well as other ingredients such as pork bellies, cheese, chocolate, candies, fast food burgers, deep fried dishes, chips, and basically anything else that looks good but gives a person guilt just by looking at it. The end results are no laughing matter, with some of their dishes racking up to several tens of thousands in calories to be consumed by sometimes no more than 2 individuals. Starting from a small fan base, they have speedily grown to a large following and have even appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and the San Diego Comic Con.

Advertisements online and on other media put such guilt in eating unhealthy food that many viewers just dream of binging and giving in to their fast food cravings. EpicMealTime satisfy such cravings through their channel. Through rigorous exercise, the crew themselves are in no way obse slobs, with some of them even looking more fit than most of the general health conscious public. More than just fulfilling the fantasies of so many health conscious viewers, they show that it is okay to let loose and enjoy life every once in a while.

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