Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cashless Society and the 666 Mark

Our society is fast transforming into a cashless society. We all know that bringing cash is dangerous and risky. Brilliant minds then thought of the idea of using credit cards. Debit cards, on the other hand, seem to address a potential problem of credit cards which is overspending. Using debit cards, you can only spend what you have deposited. Both types of cards, however, are still risky because you can get mugged or it might get lost.

The only solution to this is to implant directly the chip into your body. It is called RFID by some. Such technology is not actually new. It has been told years and years ago in the Bible. In the Book of Revelation, it says that no one can buy or sell without the mark. It takes little bit of common sense that what it actually shows is that no kind of transaction can now occur between you and the others if you do not have the mark. In other words, you are not a citizen if you do not have the mark because you will not have any identification.

Anybody who has been inside the department store will know for a fact that each thing is being scanned into a computer and should you pay in card, then your card is also scanned. In the Philippines, most still use cash. However, when you go abroad, you can easily see that most people, if not all, use a credit card. Even for tourists, it is highly advisable to use your credit card. Anyway, in the Philippines, we see that the government is fast implementing some sort of a national id system where government employees receive salaries and get benefits directly using said card.

Again, this is not new. Chips have been inserted in animals either to track them or for whatever purpose. It is even proposed that buses along EDSA should use chips too to detect violations. I’m just not sure if it has been implemented.

With regard to the law, I think that such law requiring a mark will be declared constitutional especially it can be said that it is for the greater good of the public.

Soon enough, the mark will be implanted in people’s hand or head and there will be no escape. The mark will itself be required by the law for it shall also serve as an identification system. Imagine, if anyone can be tracked anytime, and there is no more cash, crime will be no more. Since what will happen is an account to account transfer of funds, there can be no kidnap for ransom anymore. There will not even be any chance to bribe because it will be reflected in the account instantaneously. Imagine, purchasing things in a supermarket will be very fast. You just put what you want in the cart and when you pass a body scanner, automatically it deducts cash from your account. No more signing, no more paperwork. Everything will be very fast. When you pass through the SKYWAY, cash or the e-Pass will not be used, instead, an instant scan of the mark shall be made. There will be no need lining up to have your licensed renewed. Just one scan of the RFID and you’re good to go. It might even know all your history and if you’ve taken drugs. It will know you more than your family knows you – maybe even more than you know yourself. It will be an open record of you. Doctors will not have to test for allergic reactions. You will not be kidnapped or detained because one click and the authorities can find you. That’s the power of the mark.

The technology is already here. We are just waiting for things to fall into place and the end will come. In the Bible, it is very clear that anyone who receives the mark shall be sent to Hell. I really couldn’t understand this last book of the Bible before. However, seeing the modernization of technology and all the Bible has written, specifically in the book of Revelation, it seems to be the only way left which man has not done yet. Plus, it seems to be the perfect world- all that man wanted since time immemorial- peace. All the signs are already here. I know reading this seems weird but it is true. You have been warned.

Sources: Bible, experience


John Joseph S. Parco

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