Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cybersecurity is not on top of PH priorities

“In light of the recent spate of hacking directed toward its websites, the government reiterated its support for the passage of the cybercrime and data privacy bills, saying they are not taking these attacks lightly.”

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This only shows how backward PH is in terms of ICT development. First, the coding practices used by the Government and perhaps other institutions in the country are below standards, if not obsolete. Most of these did not undergo rigorous security testing, for the simple reason that the establishment of safeguards require a lot of technical and monetary resources -which is very limited in this part of the world. Not everyone can afford to hire a professional systems analyst, more so the government. Second, cybersecurity is not a priority in the government's budget.  This is understandable considering that there are more pressing matters at hand such as education, social welfare and servicing foreign debts. For a developing country, the development of it's websites is the least of its concerns.

At present, the cybercrime bill and the data privacy bill are already pending in Congress on different levels. While everyone is hoping that the enactment of these bills would solidify government policy regarding online security, they are not an assurance that internet crimes will stop. At most, they will provide a sense of security for the users and a deterrent for hackers and the goons of the internet. Furthermore, an effective enforcement mechanism is necessary in order to fully implement the laws.

Passing a law is not the solution, but only a part of it.  Website developers, system analysts, programmers, and all internet users in general have to do their share to ensure the integrity and safety of their data and transactions across the web.

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