Thursday, August 25, 2011


Online Burol anyone?

This author initially scoffed at the idea when she first read in a daily broadsheet about the said services offered by a local funeral home. At the back of her mind, she wondered what kind of persons would want to broadcast live, albeit via the internet, the wake and funeral services of their deceased loved one? Why would anyone want others to watch them as they grieve the death of their beloved? Do they have dreams of making their reality show and aspire to be the next "big brother" star?

A few years thereafter, this writer now finds herself, for the benefit of relatives residing abroad, asking personnel in the funeral home, where the remains of her beloved lies, about the same services she mocked a few years back.

The E-Burol service is designed to enable relatives and friends, who cannot personally go to the wake, to view the same thru its website. This facility is password-protected and is thus limited to those persons to whom the mourning family gives the username and password to.

It is said to be a "welcome innovation in this age of technology especially for a culture of tight-knit families in the Philippines."

Oh, boy. What will they think of next? In this fast-paced technological evolution, it is at times best to maintain an open mind and a broad perspective on things.

Entry # 10 by Diana Margaret C. Lauron

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