Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Hot & the Not

The past few weeks have been quite unnerving, having witnessed how social networking can mutate into a hideous beast that could wreak irreparable havoc on lives and reputations of people at the mere speed of a mouse click. It is extremely unfortunate that the latest victim of the most recent media mayhem is one of our own. So not hot...

However, though social networking can verily be a nightmare to some, it can also be the best thing that could ever happen to others. You probably have heard the news that Paris Hilton is flying to the Philippines for a short visit. The famous American socialite and media personality's trip to the country went abuzz online after she tweeted a Filipina named Isha Dinio. Who's that you say? Well she's Paris' super-duper mega hardcore (yeah, she's that intense ^_^) fan, who also happens to be my cousin. Haha! She's been avidly following Paris on Twitter when about a year ago, much to her surprise and delight, the hotel heiress started following her too! Since then, they've been occasionally exchanging tweets, the most recent being the highly publicized August 2 tweet seen above.

My cousin's dream of meeting her idol in person is finally coming true, thanks to Twitter. And as if that's not enough, Paris even promised to give her graduation gifts! Unbelievable! See I'm not a fan of Paris Hilton but the thought of having someone so famous follow you on Twitter and even send you direct messages is just wicked cool! Now THAT'S HOT!!! ;)

I guess I should open a Twitter account ASAP... haha!

xo M

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