Thursday, August 25, 2011


Friends have been asking me why I still haven't bought an iPad. I told them it's because I think the iPad is a lot like the iTouch, which I already have, and so I'd rather just wait for Steve Jobs to come up with something new. Imagine how shocked I was when I learned that this awesome dude, the legend behind Apple, has tendered his resignation just this Wednesday, passing the reins on to Tim Cook! No reason was given but I suspect it's because of his deteriorating health.

Jobs presents a unique culture that's evident in everything that Apple sells. He brought MP3 players to the mainstream with the iPod; took the cell phone industry by storm with the iPhone; and established the tablet market with the iPad. He changed the tech-scape with revolutionary products that consumers lusted for. Of course, he didn't do it all on his own. Credit must also be given to Apple's computer hardware and software engineers. It was his vision and leadership, though, that brought Apple back from the brink and turned it into one of the most powerful rulers of the tech world. This is why I believe that despite the fact that he will still be serving as Chairman of the Board, his resignation as CEO would nonetheless spell some serious challenges for the company.

Technology is evolving rapidly. Android is proving to be a strong competitor in the mobile market and other companies are coming up with better and cheaper tablets and computers. Apple would have to aggressively defend its turf by continuously innovating to create great products. As for the man who was the driving force behind one of the most influential electronic companies of the modern age, kudos for a JOB well done!

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