Thursday, August 11, 2011

Unintentional stalking

Recently, one of my closest friends got married. She had hired a studio to cover her pre-nup and wedding and the pictures were absolutely amazing.

Being someone involved in her recent change of civil status, and being someone who was present at the wedding, of course I wanted to see the pictures, hence I am constantly peeking at her facebook page to see if new pictures have been posted. Lo and behold! She posts a status the the photo studio has posted her prenups!

So I go to their website and look at their pictures. Spectacular.

And then after her last photo I see a different set of photos. The set of John Estrada and Priscilla someone's wedding. I see her in her strapless wedding gown, I see him in his suit, I see Richard Gomez downing some alcohol and I think to myself: "Holy Crap! So my friend's wedding pictures are also there for everyone to see?"

I mean sure, these people are celebrities, they're practically public property so they really can't complain if their pictures are available for the public (except if they're doing the 'private stuff' people aren't really supposed to see); though I was still surprised that they OK'd the posting of their photos on their website. What's ironic is that not only did these celebrities use the same studio, John and Priscilla also got married in the same resort my friend did (Thunderbird Resorts in La Union - sooo thaaaaat's whyyyy the venue looked so familiar!)

Anyway, I thought it weird that random people can just access one of a person's most private moments (one's wedding, of course) and do so by stumbling onto the some site. I don't think that my friend actually signed anything that says "I allow you to post my pictures onto your site so that the whole wide world can see me in my wedding gown giving my new husband our first kiss as husband and wife."

Now I know that I, like most people have a tendency to get hooked to random things. In fact, I can spend hours at just browsing through sites which lead to other sites and so one and so forth. In fact I can spend entire days just doing that if I had the chance, so it would be no surprise that once the interest catches on, you just can't get enough and you search and search until voila! You're stalking!

Thankfully enough, I'm not much of a local entertainment industry fun, so the Priscilla-John wedding did not interest me much. But I sure as heck am still waiting for more pictures from my friend's wedding - and I'm pretty sure they won't be that hard to find, after all, it seems like everything on the net is public domain nowadays.

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