Saturday, August 27, 2011

googling swimming pools

it's really great that almost every venue nowadays have websites.  i've been searching for a good venue to go to, even with the typhoons...

it's a long weekend, and despite the fact that our tasks never take a break even with the holidays, having a family means making time to spend with them.

I asked my dad why we never went to the La Mesa Ecopark right after reading the website contents and finding out the services they have, such as boating, rapelling, hiking, camping facilities, their picnic areas have grilling facilities, they have swimming pools, a flower terrace, orchidanium, bike rentals, etc. He replied when we were kids it was just being built and it opened just last 2005. 

Back when we were kids, we'd have to go to Baguio for boat rides, horse back riding, etc. or to Subic or Tagaytay, thank you internet for informing me of a nearer venue to do great stuff!!! Less time will be wasted on travel, less money on gas, hence we can just head over and have fun. The ecopark even have 30-45 minute tours! Hopefully soon we'll get to go.

On another aspect, i also searched for the swim school that accepted babies, and i found two! Bert Lozada Swim School and Aqualogic. I plan to enroll my son at BLSS simply because their website is easy to navigate as to the swimming locations, hours, rates, programs versus Aqualogic's which despite opening many tabs in an attempt to find out where it is, and how much well i finally found out the price, but where they offer the lessons is still a mystery.

I'm quite excited to head over at Ace Water Spa since they have the BLSS "my Baby and Me program," aside from the venue is relatively near (as I live within QC and Ace Water Spa is just in Del Monte, QC) and that they're open 6am-11pm, the entire building is swimming facilities (i.e. with roof!). Hehehe, i don't really like getting dark, and at the same time, the enclosed location will ensure the lessons will push through despite the rains =D I hope they have more than sufficient parking space though.

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