Friday, August 19, 2011


Yesterday, a friend told me to watch the movie "Memento"; a really good movie about a man who has short term memory loss who is searching for his wife's murderer. Apparently it was a good film, written by the same dude who did Inception and The Prestige and an installment of Batman. He told me to watch it and when I asked where the DVD is, he told me that he watched it on Youtube. He watched it in all 11 installments... at WORK - and he was amazed at how quickly it loaded. Way faster than if you had to download the thing through torrent.

Earlier tonight I clicked on a friend's link over FB which led me to a video made by UP students. It was a short film and it was a project for one of their Film subjects. Pretty awesome. It had 550++ views already and the FB publicity will no doubt fuel the flames. Just imagine though, a few years ago people had to submit VHS tapes or CDs which we had to have edited and converted by professionals (and that was pretty cool by that time too). These days, students have it good. Just upload it on Youtube and professors, cool creatures that they are, just access it there.

Another friend of mine learns new football/futsal tricks over Youtube. Sometimes I also go there to look for tricks, but because of my very limited patience and short-term memory, I don't benefit from the videos the way he does. He even posts Youtube links over FB to tell his teammates how "teams" should "properly move/rotate".

Youtube has many benefits. I've learned how to make skimboards (I now have 3, care of Youtube tutorials), how to repair stuff, make complicated recipes etc and so forth. There are so many how-to's and funny videos and movie clips and stand-up comedies and song covers that made A LOT of people famous you can literally waste whole days just browsing through videos, several hundreds of thousands, or even millions of them. I'm actually watching a Thai advertisement about a deaf and dumb dad, something I would never have seen otherwise.

I know of several stories of people making big bucks because they learned something in Youtube, so yes, Youtube is useful. Very useful. It's great! In fact, if you have a problem and you need visual assistance, go to Youtube.

I'm almost seriously contemplating to tell one of my friends to search Youtube on how to exorcise the malevolent spirit in his house. You never know, there just might be several useful videos over there.

Know what? I'm gonna check right now. :)

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