Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Law and ICT

What’s the connection between the two? Ideally, it is the law that controls Information and Communications Technology. In reality, however, it is the other way around. The evolution of ICT has been surprisingly fast. I’m sure nobody would have imagined the great information technology infrastructure that we have nowadays just even 15 years ago.

In one of our classes, we discussed the Electronic Commerce Act, (RA 8792). There is also another law which seems related, the Rules on Electronic Evidence. However, both date around 10 years back. There were many changes in technology. There are too many changes in technology to just let the above-mentioned laws to pass by unchanged. This is the problem that we face. It seems that the current generation of lawmakers might have a hard time figuring or realizing this because of their age. Let’s face it, many old people refuse change. Admittedly, it will be very hard for them to understand technical terms. But there should be no excuse if our generation starts to make laws in Congress or make policy decisions. Our generation, which grew up basically with computers, hence making us comfortable with it, should then change the trend. There is no more excuse. We must take the lead. Law should lead ICT and not the other way around. Should we fail to act, then it is not merely on the lack of technical knowledge on our part but plain laziness, or in Tagalog, katamaran.

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John Joseph Parco

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