Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Has Hacked, Will Work

For the US government, that is. Apparently, various departments of the United States government are now setting their sights on hackers to help them combat cyber warfare. Recruitment for open posts will be on the hacker convention (Defcon) in Las Vegas scheduled this week. They are looking for “cyber warriors” to defend them from cyber attacks which now pose a growing threat to their national security.

One would find it really ironic for the US government to hire those that they’ve been hunting down in the first place. It’s a brilliant idea actually. If you want to catch the criminal, you have to think with a criminal mind. Who best to know how to hack than the hackers themselves? With recent attacks on various government websites, they would definitely need those with mad hacking skills to secure and protect their systems.

This goes to show that hacking does not always equate with illegality. Hacking skills may be put to use without breaking the law. This also shows how government acknowledges that they can learn a thing or two from those they have considered enemies, and them realizing that they cannot do things on their own. Hackers that might be recruited might not have the “recognition” they usually get, but at least they will put their skills to good use.


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