Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facebook Meme Galore

There has been a flood of notifications in my e-mail due to participation in a meme that required a member to fill the sentence “Taga UP Diliman ka kung…” with a memory associated with the university. The group grew so quickly that a 26 seconds old post is considered an old post. At the moment, the membership is already close to 25,000.

The participating members come from student numbers issued in the 60s to present. The idea of interacting with UP students of varying ages, some already giants in their fields, does provide a thrilling feeling for me who also spent some of the best years of my life in the same university.

The sudden popularity of the meme merited a news report from GMA news about the wave of nostalgia that it generated. Two of my real life friends were mentioned in the groups. One asked about the Ikot and Toki fare of them members’ undergrad days, which he turned into a graph from 1968 to present. The other friend posted his father’s ID picture from the late 50s.

There is also a Facebook meme called “You Know You Went to UP Law if…” following the trend. Some members of groups I mentioned are being serious about it that a book for UPD is already in the talks. Meanwhile, the UP Law version has an administrative concern on whether or not current students should be removed.

James Anthony Mina #9

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