Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is the World Wide Web

"The world is just at the dawn of the Internet revolution," said Robert Litan a decade ago.

Indeed, the Internet has changed the ways of the world, since it started spinning its web several years back. The lives of each user are now interconnected in this intricately woven infrastructure. Highways have been built within this complex creation to provide an avenue for people to easily connect with one another and express themselves to the rest of the world.

In the same way that the human populace reaps its benefits, the world similarly stands to suffer from drawbacks brought about by this revolution. One such illustration is that while the Internet continuously builds and strengthens networks for a better and faster communication system, it likewise further isolates those without access to the same. The more the first group learns, the less the second group does. With the speedy and constant feeding of information (ranging from the nonsensical and the mundane to the vital and essential matters) via the Internet, those with access are overstuffed and overwhelmed, while those without are underfed and severely malnourished.

As this entry is being typed by this author, who is currently deprived of net access and merely had to seek the generosity of her neighbor, she ponders and contemplates how it is to live life in the far-flung and remote areas of the country --- those without internet, television, or perhaps even radio. She then starts to ask... what, when, where and how. So many questions spinning inside her head. She hears no answers, except for a reverberating thought --- this is the world wide web, find a way to spin yourself in it.

Entry # 9 by Diana Margaret C. Lauron

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