Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Sun is not out today.

I am now trying out the new Sun Broadband stick we got a couple of days ago. This is actually one of the perks of a having a boyfriend in the IT field because their company provides for the monthly payment of an internet provider so that they can work wherever whenever they're on call.

On a side note, who would've thought the IT industry is so big time? In the company he works for, Vestas (the company who made the windmills in Ilocos), some of the first hires when the company started a year and a half ago are earning 120++ a MONTH. I never knew that IT paid so well! .... And they didn't have to take 4 years of law school and half a year studying for the bar exam to be earning a 6-figure salary. Sigh. I might've chosen the wrong field. Maybe I would've been a millionaire at 24. Haha!

Back to the topic.

After queueing for almost an hour just to get entertained by the Sun employees, and after waiting 20 minutes more to finally get the stick itself, and then after waiting for several hours so that we could actually try the darn thing, we understand the reason for the mixed reviews. The stick we got is pure cr*p - totally useless... which is weird since when he tried his friend's Sun stick, the speed was actually good and he was able to do his work (SAP Basis) away from the office. We tried it in several places, Manila, Makati, Quezon City.. and we got the same cr*p result.Also, it keeps on disconnecting by itself, or the signal just totally disappears. It seems like we got a dud right here. What to do? What to do?

Oh, I know! Like the solution to everything else - Google.

Google has 18,200,000 results. Of course I wouldn't be able to check them all; I'd be pretty crazy to try to. Hmm, after opening 3 or 4 sites, I stumble into this one:

In it are instructions on how to change Sun settings for improved performance. Looks simple enough, okay let's try it .

Step 1-7 have been accomplished. Yes! Even a techno-idiot like me has managed to do this. It's time to try it.

Cross your fingers and hope I get faster internet.. so I could download instruction videos on how to do awesome futsal tricks next. :D

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