Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's oh so CynfullySweets.

It takes tremendous courage to uproot your family and move to a strange place. That is precisely what my two friends did when they left Canada a few months ago to make Philippines their home. Their decision is even more perplexing considering they owned a small but growing 'designer' cake business called CynfullySweets (as you can easily guess, the proprietor is named Cyn).

Now, they must rebuild this business more or less from scratch. How are they doing this now? Because they lack a wide network base (as can be expected of new migrants), their marketing initiatives have been somewhat limited through online including maintaining a website, a blog, social networking pages such as FB and Twitter. But in the last month, interest in their beautiful and delicious creations has steadily grown and I strongly suspect that it won't be long before their business will have a strong clientele base. I will monitor their progress and how they utilize online marketing to grow their business. Above all, I wish them all the best.

Just a plug for them - check out their work at

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