Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost Famous.

“Look me up, I’m actually famous.” – Random Stranger

How often do you meet someone who claims they're that well-known, I could Google them and definitely find something worthwhile?

Well, it happened to me once. I was in another country, all alone, travelling from one city to another with all my belongings in tow. This middle-aged guy walks up to me, and offers to help get my things off the train. Perhaps sensing my hesitation, he hurriedly introduces himself. He seemed harmless, I was desperate, WWJD? :)

Anyway, it made me wonder – who’s famous, who’s not? What would warrant a claim to fame, regardless of the industry you’re in?

I did look him up ( and… This person may not be famous all over but he has done enough to warrant recognition. He turns out to be an acclaimed authority for preventing school and workplace violence. Wow. Impressive.

I do not doubt this person’s credibility because I’ve talked to him (at length) in person and we actually correspond now. But. It’s freaky how relatively easy it is to create bogus websites and present false information about one’s self. Or about anything. Check out the following sites.

Fame can definitely be fabricated.

Entry No. 07

Rachelle Mayuga

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