Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spies on Facebook

While it may have already been common knowledge that social networking sites may be used as a spying tool (for employers, jealous spouses, or just plain cyberstalkers), who would have guessed that spies may actually be your friends on Facebook.

Ordinarily, spies have been portrayed in movies as highly cautious; careful not to leave any trail; willing to kill anyone who give them the slightest of suspicions. But, apparently, this is not the case with Anna Chapman:

AFP reports that Ms. Chapman left an "enigmatic" trail on social networking site, Facebook, posting several of her pictures and other "personal" informtion. The media, probably taking advantage of her account's lack of security settings, have hit a "research" gold mine. Surprisingly, the Russian sleeper agent may have no intention of taking down her account, and continued posting status updates, and adding even more journalists as friends, even after her deportation.
But then again, it is still uncertain whether Ms. Chapman is personally maintaining her Facebook account. For all we know, this may actually be part of a complicated Russian ploy, reminiscent of the several spy-themed fiction (Bond. James Bond.). As for me, I'd still be a passive advocate of privacy settings in social networking sites.
They are among us.

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