Thursday, July 22, 2010


Just as I was waiting for the saleslady in M. Lhuiller to finish counting the money that my Tita sent from Hawaii, I realized that I’m actually one of those who are intimidated with online money transfers. I would not risk buying anything from eBay or Amazon, or even attempt to shop online with PayPal. I was always scared that something would go wrong. What if the transaction number was not working? What if the money just gets lost through the intricate wire transactions? How would the money be recovered? Who would be held liable? It was then I realized that the reason why I’m paranoid is because I did not understand how the technology worked. It was about time that I learned so I checked out which was what my Tita used. Apparently, Xoom is only one of many money transfer services which allow one to send money worldwide from any Internet-enabled computer. These services basically allows people to have their funds withdrawn directly from their bank accounts to fund the money transfer or pay using major credit cards. Recipients will then be able to pick up the money in cash, have it deposited in their bank account, or even delivered to their door. Online money transfers sound simple and convenient actually. I just hope I would have the guts to try it sometime.

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