Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Living the Dream

My friend is living the dream through information technology. Straight out of college, she focused on her online business selling accessories and clothes. She has always been a creative individual, not just with her fashion sense but also with respect to her business sense. With her skills and patience, what started out as a hobby has turned into a very lucrative business, which has given her the luxury of being her own boss.

My friend knows that it is not just the quality of the goods that attracts customers, but also the initial impression her website makes. Because of this, she invests in good designs and photographers to increase interest. What first started as a simple Multiply page has now expanded to an more comprehensive and user-friendly online store. Also, she would invite buyers, models and phtographers just by advertising over social networking sites or blogs. She would keep updated with the bazaar scene all online. She's never been afraid to use the internet to her advantage and to try out all possible means to increase awareness of her brand. All in all, her business started out and continues to thrive because of the internet and her connections there.

Building a business over the internet is not all that easy, after all there are site glitches, scammers and fake-buyers and even issues of payments and taxes to deal with. But for those like my friend who get it right, the payoff could be amazing. Recently she has been offered a job at a big fashion magazine, but she turned it down all because infotech has allowed her not to “work” a day in her life.

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