Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love and Technology

"Life is hard. Love is harder." - Allen Shore, Boston Legal

The pursuit of happiness is everyone's goal in life. Happiness, however, comes in various forms. For many, this means finding someone whom they can share their lives.

Of course, to find something is to look for it - love is no exception.

Most people nowadays prefer the "modern approach". By modern, it simply just means using the Internet and joining websites which may be an avenue. To the general public, there's Facebook and other similar sites. For gamers, virtual social networking games are their means of looking for partners. To the daring ones, they resort to dating websites. I know some who actually go out on these dates. In fact, I have a high school classmate who met her husband on-line. 

So, what drives them? Mystery - that's what a friend once told me. There is that atmosphere of intrigue built upon a conversation with someone you haven't actually met in the real world. Ultimately, this reaches a tipping point where both want to see each other in person - to know if he/she is for real. If everything checks, they end up hitting it off and possibly getting married.

I find the whole thing interesting. However, I prefer to be "traditional". I still believe that it is by knowing the diffculty of acquiring something that we learn its true worth. The harder it is, the more valuable it is.


adrian arugay said...

haha. may naalala ako. our maid got hooked up with a foreigner husband through a social networking site. my sister taught her how to use the net, she starting sneaking computer usage in, she meets a bunch of guys online. One day, she packs her backs and tells of us she's gonna get married. FTW!!

Paulyn Duman said...

nakakatawa yung comment mo adrian! FTW talaga!