Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Next Best Thing to Comics

Reading, as an activity in law school, is expected and ought to be focused, intense and serious. However, too much intensity may lead to mental cramps and frustration. In addition to that, the retention would be more of a burden than an experience. If only the SCRAs were comics and the Codes were in bullet form, the studying of the law would be much easier, less esoteric and more grounded.

Now, what would fill this void between reading and learning? That would be efficient and effective studying. How? Through digests, oral narration and translation to the Filipino language (or at least the conversational language that law students use).

It's a good thing that there is It's the place to be when you just want to read or hear the cases and law as tales or gossips. And, despite the dearth of pictures, it's still the next best thing to comics when it comes to learning the law.

-Michelle P. M. Sabitsana


Rachelle Ann T. Mayuga said...

This is really funny, mimsy :) :) I love the Chi Ming Choi side-stories. But. Ang daya rin ni Atty, kasi gagamitin niya na iyong mga "sensational" examples.

Michelle P. M. Sabitsana said...

Yes, it is really funny, rach. may consideration din kasi syang bumenta ang website nya kaya dapat sensational ang mga stories nya.;p plus, usually, important cases din naman ang mga sensational cases, so okay lang din for me.hahaha