Thursday, July 22, 2010

Process serving ICT style

If you have taken OLA then you know how it is to manually serve whatever it is that you have to, to the other party, you can personally serve it (go to recipient wherever he or she is) or send it by registered mail (which may take up to 5 days for the recipient to receive your document); then aside from worrying how to deliver your document to the parties you need to furnish copies to, you have to make sure that in your copy you have proof that you were able to serve such document; and you have to organize your files to make sure you don’t forget to actually serve whatever it is that you prepared. Software entrepreneur Robert Daino has the solution just for lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants and that is “ServeCentral” a web based tool designed to help legal professionals manage the process of service of processes. A simple dashboard and wizard tool would help you through every step with email notifications which will keep you informed of every development. You upload your documents to be served (it will be in PDF format) then add the details (you can even upload the photo of recipient) and choose if you want ServeCentral to serve it or for ServeCentral to assign a server for you or your own server. Once you’re done, your documents would be served real time, you will receive updates, an electronic proof of service, and an itemized receipt. Plus ServeCentral keeps a history record of all your transactions and organizes your cases for you (based on the details you provide). A nominal fee is paid per transaction aside from the process server fee but even with the additional cost, the lawyer would really save a lot in terms of time aside from internal printing and courier service expenses which is really worth it. A similar system locally would be just be phenomenal (the system took 2 years to design)and would really make the assistant's (well who sends all those documents anyways?) life so much easier!

Submitted by: JENNIFER REYES

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