Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Globe Postpaid Hell

I cannot fathom how and why my phone bill shot up to more than P12000 for the third time in one year. The first time it happened, they blamed my phone's automatic internet connect feature (which I have been using for months already before that P10000+ bill). If their quote was correct, I was supposedly online for almost 24 hours a day. They waived the P10000 because of my threat to move all our accounts to Smart, but still made me pay the remaining balance. Now I'm faced with the same problem after asking them to deactivate my GPRS because the first incident. They also disconnected my line twice in a month because of a glitch in their auto-charge banking system. There's no word to describe it other than panggagago. I have been a postpaid subscriber since high school. And with all the new and much cheaper features being offered to prepaid and new subscribers, it's really unfair to pay a lot more and yet get cheated in the end. For example, those with Globe Duos only have to pay 499 for unlimited calls. But if postpaid subscribers want to avail of it, they have to pay the 499 on top of their plan (which usually costs a couple of thousands). Calls are more expensive too! I know there's something unlawful in all of this, but I don't know how to file a complaint. The call center just says they have noted the issue and will get back to me. What irks me most is how they encourage more people to go postpaid, when it may be just a ploy to collect more money because of the lack of monitoring by the subscriber. This is the greatest problem with the telecommunications industry - the lack of accountability and regulation. Because they have so many customers, they are not afraid to abuse them, knowing that cellphones are now considered as necessities. If anyone has ideas on how to go about this, please let me know. I'm so bothered. I seriously need help.

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Paulyn Duman said...

Consumers Act of the Philippines. :) Report mo rin sa DTI.