Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amazing, kahit talo ang azkals,

Okay, this has been crazy. no classes but it seemed like there were a ton of things to do. you study for your classes and after braving 2 hrs of traffic to go to qc, you find out that class has been cancelled.

Btw, the azkals lost. 2-1. it was expected. ainevitable actually, their teamwork was crap and the only good man was schrock. he managed to make a spectacular goal.

enougfh of that. the whole point of this blogpost is the fact that i am amazed. i am amazed by the fact that i'm posting this entry.why?

because i've had 6 shots of badtrip and i'm here in central typing this post on a cellphone(quite a challenge,yes)

no. i'm not yet drunk. yes, it's the truth. isn't it great that even in the remotest of places, one can still connect to the world? even in the most 'alanganin' situations, one can still do what one has to. totally mindblowing. 10 yrs ago, this would have been impossible, now, you just have to be crazy enough to imagine and with the help of technology, you might just achieve the impossible.

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