Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blogger beware

Earlier today as I was driving to QC to beat coding, I was listening to the radio. The program was "Disturbing the Peace" with Sam Oh and Gibb and one of their listeners had a problem.

He had been married seven years, and for four of those seven years, he had been keeping a blog he kept secret from his wife. The problem was she found out. He had just written a blog post (similar to what I'm doing now) and forgot to close the draft tab of his blogspot page. She raised hell about it. How could he hide something like that from her! Four years! What else was he hiding!

He was at wits' end. Did he do wrong not to tell her? He just wanted to have something to keep to himself, something apart from the marriage.

It was ridiculous. It seemed like such a trivial thing, but I guess it was true, if I were in the wife's position, I'd wonder what else could he have been hiding from me if he kept something as substantial as a FOUR YEAR OLD blog secret from me? (F.Y.I., Sam and Gibb were on her side as well)

And, as aptly put by another listener "Keep his blog secret from his wife and yet publish it for the entire world and broadcast it on radio?? That's not much of keeping something to one's self, is it?"

Technology. It's so powerful it can bring people together (friends from different corners of the globe can connect in just one click), it can also rip marriages apart.

Blogspot should actually post a very prominent warning: "WARNING: Excessive blogging may cause divorce or legal separation. Blogger beware."

Beware indeed.

I wonder what Mr. Miserable Blogger did to remedy his problem.

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