Thursday, July 7, 2011

It’s In the Clouds

We are all aware how fast technology grows. When we buy a computer, or a handheld device or even a digital camera, we do so fully aware that in a year or two, or sometimes even a few months, a better version will be out in the market and the version we have will be that much closer to being obsolete. This is very apparent in the world of computers. From monolithic towers of processors, down to better and faster personal computers, and then moving on to the world of laptops for easier portability. Nowadays some on-the-go individuals even choose to use an iPad or other tablets for the most portability.

Cloud computing may perhaps have the smallest solution possible. As it is currently, cloud computing allows users to store certain files in several server computers via a digital networking. But it is already being developed to do so much more than just store files. Soon it will be possible to share processors and other parts essential to a running computer online. What does this mean? Imagine people no longer needing to carry laptops, just a little screen with access to the cloud network and can show it on the said screen. That little screen will have the speed of one of the fastest computers in the market, all in the palm of the hand. Personal computers will just be the monitor, no need for towering CPU’s to have an efficient computer.

What if it becomes too crowded, wouldn’t it slow down? That would not be the case if cloud computing is allowed to develop. Unlike a website which slows down with excessive traffic, cloud computing consists of several network of computers. The server could charge a small fee to the users and they would have access to the speed and technology his network provides without fear of slowing down. Of course there are always going to be security risks as all files would be stored with a stranger. But as technology develops, hopefully laws will develop more or less at the same pace to keep users secure.

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