Thursday, July 7, 2011

"I never can resist a touch of the dramatic." - SH

Sherlock Holmes, one of my childhood heroes, was recently portrayed in a three-part series produced for BBC called, well, Sherlock. Created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock provides a modern take on Holmes' character and the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - and I think it's genius.

The show won the 2011 BAFTA Television Award for Best Drama Series, and having drawn big audiences and critical acclaim, a second series of three episodes has been set for broadcast later his year.

You'll have to watch the series, of course, to get what I mean when I say it's genius, but I'd like to share one little fact about the show that got the blogger in me absolutely giddy.

"Sherlock" - Series 1, Episode 1

"Sherlock" - Series 1, Episode 3

Those aren't made-up static web pages made only for the purpose of shooting the episodes. They're actual blogs that are up and running, and they were actually updated, at least while the series was airing in the UK. The first episode shows John Watson trying to come up with an entry for his blog, and Holmes' himself was shown updating his website in the third episode as a means to communicate with a villain.

Sherlock Holmes' website.

John Watson's blog.

The creators also set up other blogs that were not at all referred to in the series but are supposedly authored by some of the other characters, like Molly Hooper, who had a little crush on Sherlock, and Connie Prince, who was a victim in one of the mysteries Holmes' was tasked to solve. These two other blogs give the viewers background stories about some (albeit trivial) parts of the plots, like how Molly met her boyfriend, who later turned out... Nah, I wouldn't want to spoil it.

I think the idea to set these up was a hat tip to netizens, fans and netizen fans who want more out of the show than the actual episodes. I appreciate the fact that the producers thought outside the box and took the opportunity to entertain online, making the experience seem a little more "real" for the show's viewers.


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