Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby's Laptop

toys now are so techy!
Whenever I'm using my laptop, my son, Matthew wants to go at it too. It makes me think of buying him a baby laptop, however those available at stores are for ages 3 and up, and he's just 11 months old.

To think I had my first laptop in my twenties, it seems my son will get his before his 1st year birthday... I wonder if a laptop meant for 3-year old babies would last in his hands though. Even in the 3rd movie of Toy Story, the toys don't last with infants/ toddlers who throw them about. Toys should be age appropriate.

bottom hits the floor, more stable, right?
At our family's office, a space is cleared and set out for his crib, however when all of us are engrossed in tasks he cries out for attention. I've just replaced his crib with a play-yard which doesn't have a stand, i.e. the bottom hits the floor because his earlier crib with a stand seems like it will tip over with his naughtiness.

I haven't really looked much into the capabilities of the baby laptop though, are they interactive? will he learn anything out of it? will it survive if Matthew throws it outside his crib as he usually does almost everything?

Matthew means "blessing from God"
I don't really think i'd like it to be full of video games. I'd prefer if it can play Barney or Sesame Street (so should i just get him his own portable dvd player haha). I've read one model (fisher - price fun to learn laughtop) will even give my baby his own email!

One of the staff then mentioned i should get Matthew his own little desk and chair so he can pretend he's working too. It made me remember again that I really want to get him a baby laptop so he doesn't pull on the cords of our computers, if he's busy tinkering with his own.

Well, since I can't walk very well yet again since my degenerative disc disease made itself felt last Friday and my spine surgeon ordered me one to two weeks bed rest, shopping will have to wait.

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