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Faster FastFood at Your Fingertips

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The prevalence of Internet-based services has revolutionized not only the way people do business but also consumer interaction. Traditional personal customer service, while still preferred, is now but a part of the web of communication channels set up by business conglomerates in order to reach their clients. In a world that moves in a per second rate, even the fast food industry has to step up their service in order to keep up with the times.

Ever since, McDonald's launched in 2009, fast food delivery in the country became a whole new interactive playing field. Gone were the days of frustration -starting from finding the right number to getting past that annoying "All circuits are busy now. Please try again later ." message. Everything seemed to be just a click away. Soon enough, a lot of other companies have followed suit like Chowking, Kenny Rogers Roasters, KFC, , Pizza Hut, Red Ribbon, Shakey's and Wendy's, just to name a few.

Why is Online Ordering Service so appealing for consumers?

First: Accessibility

According to Internet World Stats, there are 29.7 M internet users in the country as of June 2010. In fact, I think there are more people who have internet access than a conventional landline. The online delivery service makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, anytime, with an internet connection to get food -think Wi-Fi areas or even SmartBro/Globe Tattoo/Sun Internet wireless Huawei sticks; subject of course to the terms and conditions governing the service.

Second: Convenience

Less hassle. No more waiting for your calls to get through. While most delivery systems in the country are already routed to call centers, there are still instances when calls cannot be accommodated since all lines are busy. Furthermore, the menu is visual, informative and up to date. You know exactly what you are ordering and the cost of the item/s. It allows an infinite number of changes, until finalized, thus offers less chances of errors and mistakes for orders in comparison to dictation via phone.

There are a lot more reasons that could be enumerated, but those two probably summarizes them all. Indeed, E-commerce has made it possible for these establishments to reach their hungry tech-savvy customers. While the service is quite limited at the moment (covering Metro Manila in general), it is only bound to expand and even diversify as infrastructures improve, technologies develop, and people become more educated in the ways of the net. Who knows? There could even be a centralized hub for all these fast food services, or even better -an online delivery service for groceries! That's something worth looking forward to.

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