Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Future Of Internet

I always wonder what the future of internet will be. Considering its free-for-all characteristics, where the user has almost absolute freedom and where the long arm of the law cannot capture you just yet, and anonymity is king.

Protection to internet users already sparked a debate since the internet was introduced to the public. I remember when I started using the internet more than ten years ago (I think), I always remember that my parents were warning me not to give out personal information. Even until now, I hesitate to give out my personal information in the internet. Who knows what the syndicates might be planning to do anyway?

Even now, I know many laptop users with integrated webcams covering (literally) their webcams by putting a tape over it because they say that people can access their webcams over the internet. You’re not even safe with your own computer. When you think that you have your file in your computer safe and secure, just one mistake in the internet and it’s all gone.

It seems like the internet is such a dangerous place, such that when equated to a physical place, it is like, sort of, in the Middle East. There are no rules. It’s a winner-take-all world. As much as most, if not all, of us already migrated in to the computer world, it will be safer if we “stick together”. Since there are no laws as effective as it is in the real world, it will be very difficult to track down people especially now with the public Wi-Fis scattered around. Unlike in real world, where the police can easily track down suspects, in the internet, it is almost impossible to do so.

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John Joseph S. Parco

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