Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get green certified.

I was looking through some website when I found a badge at the bottom of its home page that read: "Green Certified Site."

Wait, what?

I suppose the meaning and the value of "going green" are pretty much common knowledge at this point, but I'd never really heard of green-certified websites. I've heard of green marketing for companies before, mostly from the news and through surveys I've participated in, and I feel that it's an advocacy that's still waiting to break free from the reins of the many challenges it continues to face, largely because I think it hasn't been fully embraced by consumers in a top-of-mind-awaraness kind of way.

So I did a bit of loose research on getting a blog or website green-certified, and I found that the idea had some basic and some rather technical points:

There's probably a lot more to it than what I've listed down, but it's kinda easy to figure out. It's certainly become one of the factors I'll look at if I decide to get my own domain.


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