Thursday, July 14, 2011

Everything Fast Paced

I find technology to be very much helpful, especially since it helps make things easier and faster to finish.

However, there are pros and cons to everything being "instant."

Even though I'm wishing that technology would create teleportation, so that travelling won't consume as much time as it does, the negative side is, we won't be able to enjoy the "journey" anymore.

Being so stressed and pressured and constantly in front of the computer doing paperwork, stuck in the office, the break to meet the supervising lawyer in Makati first came as a feeling of waste of time in travel, however, being forced to drive through the traffic, and praying for the serenity to accept things i cannot change, i just began to enjoy the sights and sounds that i haven't seen or heard for a while; and the chance to listen to the radio while trying to avoid traffic.

If teleportation does become a reality, chances for those simple enjoyments, moments to pause and appreciate our surroundings would disappear. However, come to think of it, even vehicles are "technology" and I am very much thankful for them.

Much like how instant noodles ruin our bodies, almost everything "instant" also does. It's just really difficult to balance where to draw the line.

For instance, being a regular person, my brain cannot process information at the speed of light, even if i wish i could. Hmmm... hopefully someone will create that kind of invention/ technological break through, a brain accelerator hehehe. Although right now i think i need more like an automatic calorie burner while doing paperwork hehe.

Hopefully, there will be a chance to live a slower paced lifestyle, despite the thousand and one to do list that we try to accomplish all in one day.

Life is so short, i want to be able to pause and enjoy it. In fairness to technology, it helps accomplish that goal, since if we get to finish tasks faster with its aid, then we'll have more time to enjoy life.

However, people are on a rat - race, hence technology helps us finish tasks faster - not to enjoy the remaining time saved; but to be able to do even more tasks!

I do not have the talent to invent and I wish i do, because it perplexes me how a computer for example was thought out and produced. I wish someone would invent a time-exchange machine, something wherein we can purchase the time of those who spend their days doing nothing much, so that even if everyone starts with 24 hours in a day, if we need an extra hour or two, then for example my day would be 26 hours, and the person whom i bought it from would have only 22 hours in the same span of the globe's turning. It's not magic afterall.

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